Aerial Imaging

Yes, everyone has a “drone” or quadcopter now, and while the new gear is great for filmmakers, it is not without responsibility and risk. These are not toys, but tools. Pre-flight and In-Flight I operate according to what is safe, legal, and reasonable.┬áNow sit back and enjoy the flight.

Aerial Reel 2016

Storm of Hope – an Aerial Odyssey


Timelapse allows us to see the magic of subtle movements too slow for the naked eye to perceive. Our natural world wields a power so graceful we barely notice it’s there … until you watch an hour sped up into ten seconds. When combined with camera motion we are treated to quite a show. Here’s a glimpse:

Slow Motion

The recently acquired Sony FS5 camera allows for incredible 240 frames per-second video that allows us to see the beauty of fast moving objects. In many ways, this is the polar opposite of timelapse but equally stunning. Here’s a look at a camera test recently conducted at our Santa Cruz Lighthouse with fire jugglers.